Female excellence is underreported.

Our Mission: Report It.  

Off the top of your head; How many female inventors, mathematicians, film directors, or astronomers can you name? Don’t google it. Can you name a dozen? Half a dozen? You probably struggled. Sure, you could name Amelia Earhart or Marie Curie. Maybe Sophia Coppola comes to mind when you think of Hollywood directors. But after that, it gets a bit harder. 

Repeat that exercise for notable men. It’s easier. Why? It isn’t that women aren’t as smart or talented; it’s just that female contributions have gone unnoticed, misattributed, or pushed to the side. Or even worse, eliminated from history altogether. Women have made countless contributions to the world – in the arts, sciences, government, engineering – you name it, and they did it. 

We are highlighting female excellence to spark change.

When everyone sees female excellence as normal, we will be on our way towards a brighter future.

We are creating an ongoing set of Wonder Women Education Pins so that people can put a face with a name. We are also creating a database of biographies – with entries linked to each pin.