Best 5 Telegram Tracker Apps

Social media acts as the bane of all our interactions on the web. Although many alternatives exist, Telegram is one channel gaining traction in 2024. As it stands, this social media platform has over 550 million active users monthly. Mesmeric!

Telegram has gained reverence amongst users due to its inclusion of security add-ons like secret chats. Albeit a great feature, individuals with sinister plans are using it to their advantage, conducting cyberbullying, sexting, infidelity, and child predation. 

To be fair, these prospects are scary. Thus, you’d want to know if your kid, spouse, or employee is conducting nefarious activities via Telegram. 

But you can’t ask them for their phones to run checks; you’d need to get your tracking activities started on a “stealthy” route.

However, there’s a question – how can you accomplish this?

Our answer: Telegram tracker apps!

Using these applications, you can seamlessly access a Telegram profile from your home’s comfort and see the chats and multimedia files featured.

Nonetheless, with many Telegram tracking apps online, it might seem a tad difficult to sieve the “wheat from the chaff.” 

But we’ve got you. This article looks at the best 5 Telegram secret tracking apps that’ll be helpful for your monitoring aspirations in 2024 and beyond.

Are you yearning to learn how to track Telegram users stealthily and effectively? Read to the end!

How to Track Telegram Users


Looking at Telegram functions like secret chat and chat lock, you might think that the instant messaging app is almost impenetrable. So you know, we thought so too!

Until we dug deeper to sift out some answers!

Quickly, let’s run you through the basic ways you could employ to get perspective on the messages and media files on your kid, spouse, or worker’s Telegram profile.

Notable mentions include: 

Using Telegram Trackers

Telegram Trackers rank as the most effective option to track a Telegram account. These applications function in 100% Stealth Mode, meaning your target isn’t aware of your monitoring stints. Once installed on the target’s device, you can trawl their Telegram data and see their secret chat messages and locked chats. 

Nonetheless, Telegram trackers rank as the jack of all trades. Besides monitoring a Telegram profile, you can use these applications to access the target’s:

  • Real-time GPS location
  • Web history and bookmarks
  • Exchanged emails
  • Multimedia files and phone documents
  • Calls and SMS messages
  • And lots more!

IMPORTANT: Telegram trackers are basically tracking applications. Note that these apps’ usage may be considered illegal, depending on the country. Thus, it behooves you to execute due diligence and contact an experienced tech lawyer to certify its legitimacy in your jurisdiction. 

Using a Keylogger

Another effective route to spy on Telegram is through a keylogger. Keyloggers are apps designed to sift out the keystrokes (keyboard taps) on someone’s Android and iOS phone. 

Once installed on the tracked device, you’d get access to their login details if the target wants to log into their Telegram account. Keylogger apps also come in handy if you want to decipher the target’s real-time messages before they’re deleted.

However, most Telegram trackers have keyloggers. So, it’ll be best to subscribe to these multi-feature services than opt for keylogger apps that only give you context on a person’s keystrokes.

Using Telegram Web

Telegram Web, as the naming suggests, allows people to log into their Telegram accounts via a web browser. 

Guess what? You can use this login route to access the target’s Telegram profile. 

To accomplish this task, follow these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and insert this URL — 
  1. On the page you’re redirected to, you’ll encounter two alternatives to login into an account. You can either use the QR code attached to the target account or the tracked individual’s number. 
  1. Using the latter route (phone number), insert the target’s phone number.
  1. Telegram will send an OTP to the target’s phone number. Ensure you’re close to the target’s Android or iOS device to access this number.
  1. Insert this code in the appropriate segment for validation.
  1. Upon confirmation, you’d get access to the target’s chats and multimedia exchanges.

NOTE: Although the Telegram Web tracking method is great, you’d need access to the target device to sift out the OTP sent to validate the login. Since many people are glued to their phones, you might need to use Social Engineering hacks to gain access to their devices for a limited timeline. Read on for context into this act. 

Using Social Engineering

Social engineering means taking advantage of human interactions to facilitate your interests. Using this option to track someone’s Telegram account, all you need to do is create a fake Telegram page with a Call to Action (i.e., informing the target of the need to input their login details or risk deactivation).

Afterward, forward the page’s link to the target’s email (towing this route denotes professionalism). 

When they click this link and input their Telegram login details, you’ll get access to credentials and can foster a sign-in from your end. You can use this route to access the target’s messages and their actual location via the Live Location feature. 

However, the social engineering method requires some form of tech-savviness. If the landing page built doesn’t look legit, the target might have suspicions and refuse to enter their details, leaving you stranded after you’ve spent a ton of time and money. Ouch!

DID YOU KNOW: A report indicates that 14.8% of kids have sent sexual-related texts. Since this act is popular on instant messaging apps like Telegram, it’ll be best to track your ward’s device to ensure they’re not engaging in sinister activities.

Best 5 Telegram Tracking Apps

Although we’ve listed several ways to track a Telegram account, tracking apps are deemed the most effective. Sieving the best from the lot might seem challenging with so many alternatives on the market.

But we’ve got you covered:

If you’re interested in learning how to track someone on Telegram, these 5 monitoring apps are up for the task.

Notable mentions include:

#1 mSpy


If you’re looking for a tracking application to begin your Telegram monitoring acts, look towards mSpy. This spy app grants you valuable insight into your target’s chats, multimedia files, and real-time location. 

If you want to know when those sex-based discussions between your spouse and another individual started, make mSpy your go-to as it gives you unfiltered access to their chat timestamps.

Other Features

  • Screen Recorder
  • Keylogger
  • Access to browsing history
  • View texts and emails
  • Access installed apps and programs


  • 1 Month: $48.99
  • 3 Months: $28.00 per month
  • 12 Months: $11.67 per month


  • 24/7 support
  • Great refund policy
  • Works on Android and iOS devices
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Demo mode available


  • Plans don’t support multiple phones tracking
  • No Free plan

#2 Eyezy

Social Spotlight

Since its inception, Eyezy has focused on its goal to grant users smooth sailing monitoring stints on any Android or iOS device. The Eyezy app oozes class — a virtue that reigns supreme in its Telegram Tracker add-on.

With this feature in motion, you can sieve out all Secret Chats on the target device. If your spouse has enabled Chat Lock to deter your plans of seeing their “raunchy” chats, Eyezy breaks the yoke with aplomb.

Using Eyezy, you’ll see the profile information of people your kid converses with 24/7. Now, you know what individuals to look out for if things spiral out of control.

Other Features

  • Keystroke Capture
  • Social Spotlight (aids tracking on 30+ social media platforms, Telegram inclusive)
  • Pinpoint
  • Plans Breaker
  • Files Finder
  • Web Magnifier
  • Connection Blocker
  • Magic Alerts
  • Phone Analyzer


  • 1 Month: $47.99
  • 3 Months: $27.99 per month
  • 12 Months: $9.99 per month


  • Rock-solid encryption
  • Stellar Telegram tracking feature
  • Intuitive site layout
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Decent pricing plans


  • Doesn’t have a Free Trial
  • Some features require rooting or jailbreaking

#3 MobiPast


Do you want something similar to mSpy? Consider the MobiPast application. This tracking service gets you up to speed with all exchanged Telegram chats on a target device. The app also has a keylogger that can trawl all real-time conversations before they’re deleted. 

Other Features

  • GPS location tracker
  • Access multimedia files
  • Read SMS texts
  • Phone call monitoring


  • 1 Month: $48.99
  • 3 Months: $28.00 per month
  • 6 Months: $11.67 per month


  • Can monitor 30+ social media apps
  • Simple sign-up procedure
  • Has tools for seamless Telegram tracking
  • Decent subscriptions
  • Free of malware


  • Doesn’t have many advanced features
  • Doesn’t offer a Free Trial

#4 Pumpic


So many Telegram tracking applications are towing the path of mSpy and Pumpic ranks amongst the top-notch services that just joined the bandwagon. Pumpic grants you access to your ward, spouse, or worker’s Telegram account in Stealth Mode. That way, no one has a “hint” of your monitoring activities.

Other Features

  • Track inbound and outbound calls
  • Monitor real-time GPS location
  • Access contact cards
  • View multimedia files
  • Monitor browsing history and scheduled events


  • 1 Month: $48.99
  • 3 Months: $27.99 per month
  • 12 Months: $9.99 per month


  • Clutter-free user interface
  • Supports multiple Android and iOS models
  • Incorporates a comprehensive “Demo” mode
  • Simple sign-up procedure
  • Cost-effective subscriptions


  • No live chat add-on
  • No Free package for users looking to test the waters

NOTE: A report states that one in 10 persons hide their social media messages from their spouses. If you think your partner is cheating via Telegram and you’d like to know how to track Telegram messages, employ a great tracking service like Pumpic. 

#5 Telewatch


Spending too much time on social media apps such as Telegram could prove negative to kids. As a parent, it’ll be best to use an online activity tracker like Telewatch to track their activities on Telegram. This service grants you context on their real-time bio and profile changes.

Other Features

  • Comprehensive data of their online and offline stints
  • Get notified of profile picture changes
  • Receive notifications for all activities
  • A dashboard that puts everything into context


Service is free!


  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Simple set-up procedure
  • Integrates password lock
  • 24/7 support on Telegram


  • There’s no Demo mode
  • You can’t access Secret Chats via this service

How to Track Someone on Telegram With Spy Apps

Telegram logo seen displayed on a smartphone

You don’t need to watch numerous YouTube tutorials to learn how to catch someone cheating on Telegram with spy applications.

To kick-start the process, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Purchase a Subscription

Using mSpy for context, you’d first need to create an account and select a subscription package that suits your Telegram tracking needs.

Step 2: Receive an Email With Installation Instructions to Help You Get Started

Once your payment goes through, mSpy will send you an email. Embedded in this email are your logins and a set of installation instructions. 

Follow these guidelines to install the mSpy app on the target’s Android or iOS smartphone.

Step 3: Track Telegram

Once you’ve installed mSpy on the target device, log in to your dashboard. Now, you’ll have access to all chats and multimedia files on the target’s Telegram account. 


Telegram is one of the most revered social media apps worldwide. Nonetheless, with features like secret chats and chat lock, this platform hosts many individuals with sinister endeavors.

If you’d like to track your kid or spouse’s Telegram, you can engage several alternatives. However, if you’re on the lookout for stealth and efficiency, we advise using a Telegram tracking application like mSpy. 

Once installed, the application gets you inundated with the target’s texts and multimedia files. Click on the “Try Now” icon today to get started! 


What Are the Main Reasons to Track Someone on Telegram?

You might want to track someone on the Telegram app for these reasons:
Kids: To ensure they’re not exchanging sexts or getting cyberbullied by a sinister character.
Spouses: You might want to track your spouse to know their GPS location at all times and ensure that they’re where they claim to be.
Employees: Spying on an employee’s Telegram account as an entrepreneur is vital to make certain they’re not divulging company secrets to competing agencies.

Is Telegram Used for Cheating?

Yes. Cheaters engage this social media channel due to nifty add-ons like Secret Chats and Chat Lock. 
Using these features, they can exchange raunchy texts without their partners ever knowing.

Can I See Someone’s Secret Chat on Telegram?

Have you ever asked a query along these lines — can Telegram be traced? Although it might seem difficult at first glance, you can actually access someone’s profile alongside their Secret Chats via spy applications.


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