How to View Someone’s Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing: 3 Best Methods

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. It is revealed that Snapchat reaches about 75% of millennials and Gen Z and a good number of adults. Compared to the other social media platforms, individuals can also spend up to 30 minutes a day using Snapchat.

Since Snapchat is incredibly popular, it’s of no surprise that Snapchat is also commonly used for cheating. I’ve unfortunately had the opportunity to experience that firsthand. My boyfriend had been using Snapchat often, and I was growing suspicious.

Luckily, I was able to experiment with the three methods below. Through that, I was able to view his Snapchat story. By viewing his Snapchat story, I was able to see that he was indeed cheating on me – and not with one, but multiple individuals! 

If you’ve always wondered how to view someone’s story without them knowing, I can assure you that all three of these methods are extremely effective, and the probability of catching a cheater is 98%. With these methods, you will be able to view someone’s Snapchat story and catch them cheating in no time at all.

DID YOU KNOW: There are currently over 210 million active Snapchat users, and the growth of Snapchat users has been exponential over the past few years.

How to Open a Snap Without Them Knowing: 3 Methods to Watch Snapchat Stories Anonymously 


Always wanted to know how to look at Snapchats without them knowing? No worries, we’ve got three methods that we’ll delve into in greater detail below.

All of these methods are incredibly effective, but some will certainly provide more information than others. Either way, take your time looking through each of these methods and figure out which one suits your needs best.

Method 1. Watch Someone’s Story Without Them Knowing

One of the methods to watch someone’s story without them knowing is through the airplane mode method. It’s a relatively straightforward method and gets the job done quickly. Here’s how to proceed with this method:

Step 1. Login to Snapchat

To start, you’ll want to go ahead and open the Snapchat application before logging in with your credentials.

Step 2. Head to Snapchat Stories

You should see the Stories feature located in the right lower corner of Snapchat’s home page. Go ahead and head into the Stories feature before refreshing the page to load all of the stories.

Note: It’s important to make sure that you’re not tapping on any of the stories!

Step 3. Wait for Stories to Load

Once all of the stories have loaded. Close Snapchat and turn off your mobile data and Wi-Fi. If you’re not sure, you can always turn everything off and use Airplane mode instead. By turning the Airplane mode off, you will automatically be turning off internet connectivity.

Step 4. View Stories

Go ahead and open the Snapchat application again to access the story feature. You should be able to take a look at all the stories that have been uploaded. By viewing it “offline,” the individual will not know that you’re taking a look at their stories.
Make sure that your internet connectivity is off before doing this, though, or the individual will find out. Once you’ve finished taking a look at the stories, switch on Wi-Fi and mobile data connectivity once again.

DID YOU KNOW: The average Snapchat user spends over 30 minutes on Snapchat every day? They can be doing anything from exchanging messages to looking at stories and more. 

Method 2. See Someone’s Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing

snapchat logo

Always wondered how to open Snaps without them knowing? There’s no better way to do this than with a spying application. With a spying application, you will not only be able to take a look at all of the Snapchat messages that they’ve exchanged, you’ll even get to see deleted ones. 

In addition, spying applications are also exceptionally easy to use, and you’re typically able to see not just Snapchat but also their messages, social media, and more. 

One of the best spying applications out there is Eyezy. With Eyezy, you’ll not only be able to see all of their Snapchat messages and watch someone’s story without them knowing, but you’ll also have access to plenty of other features. 

To use Eyezy, you’ll do the following:

Step 1. Download Eyezy

eyeZy step2 choose device

Head to the Eyezy website, and download the Eyezy application. At this stage, you can go ahead and enter the target’s phone number.

Step 2. Activate the App

eyezy step 3 choose plan

After you’ve downloaded the application and chosen the subscription you would like to proceed with. Go ahead and make payment before activating the application with the license key provided.

Step 3. Start Monitoring Your Target’s Snapchat

eyeZy demo Snapchat

Once everything has been activated, you’re pretty much good to go. Go ahead and use Eyezy to take a look at the individual’s Snapchat account. You’ll also have access to a plethora of other special features.

Top 3 Snapchat Story Viewers

As mentioned above, one of the best ways to view Snapchat stories is through spy applications. Not only are they easy to use, but you’ll be able to access messages, stories, and even deleted ones in no time at all.
Here, we’ve got three of the best spying applications to consider ​​– especially when it comes to viewing Snapchat stories.



An incredible spying application is Eyezy. It’s packed with features, easy to use, and is not difficult to install as well. With Eyezy you can screenshot a chat on Snapchat without them knowing, use it as a Snapchat story viewer, and more.
Eyezy’s also an incredibly powerful phone monitoring software, and it’s perfect if you’re looking to monitor an individual’s phone without any worries. Best of all? It’s incredibly easy to get started.
As Eyezy allows for anonymous remote monitoring, the individual won’t know that you’re looking at their Snapchat stories or messages at all. It also comes with a plethora of other features, such as:

  • Keystroke capture 💬
  • Phone analyzer 📞
  • Pinpoint 📍
  • Plans Breaker 🍽
  • Files finder 📁
  • Invisible shield 👀
  • View other social media platforms 

If you’ve always wanted to check out the individual’s other social media platforms, you’ll also be able to see their Instagram, Facebook, etc.


Monitor Snapchat with mSpy

Another great application out there is mSpy. This particular application is great if you’re looking for comprehensive mobile monitoring without the cost. This application is exceptionally affordable, and it’s also easy to use.
Why wonder what they’re sending on Snapchat when you can open up mSpy and check it with ease? mSpy setup is also incredibly simple, and you’ll be able to get the application ready for work in 5 minutes or less.
In addition, the information that you’ll be getting from mSpy is also extremely up to date. Since it’s invisible, you won’t have to worry about someone else finding out, and they’ve also got 24/7 customer service in case you run into any issues. 

Some of mSpy’s features include: 

  • Social media monitoring 📱
  • Keylogging 🔓
  • Screen recording 📥 
  • Message monitoring 🕵🏻
  • Accessing files and images 📂
  • Seeing their current location 📍

It’s another great spying application that is worth trying if you’re looking for an effective way to monitor someone’s Snapchat.



Similar to the other apps mentioned earlier, TheSpyBubble is another effective app to monitor someone’s Snapchat. Again, it’s compatible with Android and iPhone devices, so you shouldn’t worry about compatibility issues.
TheSpyBubble also comes with a wide range of features – other than just Snapchat, of course. You’ll also get 24/7 customer support along with free online help with your initial installation. 

Some of the features that you can expect with TheSpyBubble include the following:

  • Tracking all communication on WhatsApp 💡
  • Seeing the conversations taking place on Facebook 📣
  • Knowing the exact location of the user 📍
  • Tracking text messages and calls 📨📞
  • Viewing a variety of other social media platforms 📱
  • Keystroke capture 📥

Not only is the application extremely secure, but it’s feature-packed, and you also get 24/7 customer support. You’ll also be able to read Snapchat messages without them knowing –  what more could you need? 

Method 3. How to View a Snap Without Opening It

Other than the above, are there any other methods pertaining to how to open a snap without them knowing? Well, there certainly is! One of the other ways to see someone’s Snapchat story without them knowing is through the Discover feature on the application.
Here’s what you would need to do:  

Step 1. Download the App

Go ahead and download the Snapchat application before logging in and tapping on the Discover feature.

Step 2. Browse the Latest Stories

Take your time browsing through all of the latest stories on the Discover feature. Do so until you’ve found a profile that you have in mind.

Step 3. View Stories

Once you’ve decided, simply tap on the profile to view the stories. If you’d like, you can also share the story with friends. All you’ve got to do is press and hold the story, and you’ll be able to see the share option.

NOTE: This method only works when the Snapchat story is public, so you would need to take this into consideration. With a public story, you will be able to share what’s happening with Snapchatters everywhere.


How to SS on Snap Without Them Knowing?

Always wanted to know how to screenshot someone’s story without them knowing? There are a few ways for you to do this.

You can use the Airplane mode method that was mentioned earlier, use QuickTime on Mac, or simply use another phone to record. For an even simpler way, just use a spy application, and you can screenshot all you want and not have to worry about getting caught.

Can Someone See If You View Their Snapchat Profile?

The short answer to this is no. Nobody can see if you view their Snapchat profile, but they will be notified if you screenshot their Snapchat profile.

Is It Possible To View Snapchat Stories Without Being Friends?

The only way for you to view Snapchat stories without being friends is by using spy apps.

Can I Read Snapchat Messages Without Them Knowing?

You can read Snapchat messages without the other party knowing by using advanced spy apps like mSpy or Eyezy.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve always wanted to know how to look at Snapchats without them knowing, there’s no better way to do this than with a spy application. Any of the ones mentioned above – Eyezy, mSpy, and SpyBubble are all great options. 

Not only are spy applications exceptionally effective, but they’re also much safer than peeking through their phone. They’re also easy to install and come with a plethora of features. 

While you do have to pay for them, you’re not paying a huge amount of money. They’re also on a subscription basis, so you’re more than welcome to change your subscription or cancel it whenever you like. 

While the other methods mentioned above are also great, they’re not completely effective and certainly not always anonymous. With those methods, you run the risk of the other individual finding out that you’re looking at their Snapchat stories. 

All in all, there’s no reason why you should go through the stress of having to deal with that when you can simply see their messages in real-time and find out the truth. 

As mentioned, with spy applications, you can even see deleted messages, files, and images that they’ve exchanged, websites that they’ve browsed, and so much more.


  1. Sydni Heidenreich says:

    This article is an informative guide on how to view someone’s Snapchat story without them knowing. It explains different methods you can use, including using a third-party app, taking screenshots, and making sure your settings are private enough. This is great advice for people who want to stay anonymous while accessing someone else’s account. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Audrey J. says:

    Always wondered how mSpy worked. Got my answer here. But hey, does anyone know if the person you’re spying on can detect it in any way?

    1. Riley Donna says:

      Good question! These spying apps like mSpy or eyeZy are designed to be stealthy and virtually undetectable, so even tech-savvy individuals won’t know they’re being spied on.

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