How to Sync My Boyfriend’s Phone to Mine: Solution to Find Out Who He’s Been Texting

Being cheated on is not an easy experience and definitely, one that nobody wants to go through. Unfortunately, cheating is relatively common, with 78 percent of men and women admitting that they would cheat if it were guaranteed that they would never be caught.

If you suspect that your boyfriend is cheating and would like to figure out how to sync your boyfriend’s phone to yours and take a look at the messages that he’s been sending, we’re here to help.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about syncing two phones together and the different ways you can go about doing so.

By the end of this, you’ll have all of the evidence you need to figure out if your boyfriend is cheating.

Screen Mirroring My Boyfriend’s Phone With Eyezy

Cheating on Snapchat With eyeZy

If you’ve always wondered how to go through your boyfriend’s phone, there’s no better way to do this than with Eyezy.

Eyezy is one of the most powerful phone monitoring software on the planet. Not only will you be able to get Eyezy up and running in no time at all, but you’ll also be able to see what your boyfriend is up to without being detected.

In addition, you can see all of your boyfriend’s private information from messages to social media chats, images, and more. With bank-graded encryption, you can also be assured that all information looked at is protected and secured.

Best of all, Eyezy has 24/7 support, so if you have any queries or run into any problems, they’re always here to help. 


Eyezy’s Features To Sync Two Phones Together

eyeZys Features

Eyezy has a plethora of fantastic features that you can’t go wrong with. Here’s a snapshot of all of the various features that they offer.

Keystroke Capture

Keystroke Capture

With a keystroke, you’ll be able to see everything that your boyfriend is typing. You’ll also be able to see what your boyfriend is searching for and where their browser leads to. It’s a keystroke capture tool that actually works. 

Social Spotlight: Sync Boyfriend’s Phone To See His Social Media

Social Spotlight

You’ll see all of your boyfriend’s private conversations, from chats that they’ve deleted to everything that they’re messaging on popular social media applications.

Some social media apps that you’ll be able to take a look at include WhatsApp, Tinder, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, and more. 

Pinpoint: Sync Two Phones Together To See Boyfriend’s Location


There’s no better way to see where your boyfriend is and where he’s been than with the pinpoint feature. You’ll be able to see their exact location from GPS tracking and advanced Wi-Fi network analysis.

Plans Breaker

Plans Breaker

Always wanted to know what your boyfriend is up to? Take a look at your boyfriend’s social calendar to see what he’s up to and who’s involved.

Files Finder: Syncing Two Phones To See Boyfriend’s Media

files finder

You’ll be able to see the exact files that your boyfriend has saved on their phone, from pictures to videos, files, and more.

Web Magnifier

Web Magnifier

Take a look at everything your boyfriend is searching for on the internet, from what websites they’re visiting to what they’re using and for how long.

Magic Alerts

Magic Alerts

If your boyfriend is talking to someone that you don’t want them to be talking to, you’ll automatically get an alert from Eyezy.

Phone Analyzer

Phone Analyzer

Have an idea of who’s called them, how long they’ve spoken to them for, and so much more.

Invisible Shield


With Eyezy’s invisible shield, you’ll be able to see exactly what your boyfriend is doing without being detected.

Friendly Installer

Friendly Installer

Unlike some of the other software out there, Eyezy is exceptionally easy to install. Whether you choose to install it by Jailbreak, iCloud Sync, or even local sync, the options are endless.

How to Sync Boyfriend’s Phone To Yours With Eyezy?

If you’ve always wanted to know how to link phones and how to see your boyfriend’s text messages without his phone, you can easily do so with Eyezy.

This brief overview will provide you with everything you need to know to pertain to how to get started with Eyezy. 

Step 1. Create Account

To start, you’ll want to go ahead and create an account with Eyezy. You can either choose to continue with Google or enter an email of your choice. 

Step 2. Choose Device

You’ll choose the device that you’d like to monitor. You’ve got three options – iOS, Android, or ‘Decide Later.’ 

Step 3. Choose Plan

Once you’ve selected the device that you’d like, you’ll go ahead and choose a plan. It starts out at $47.99 per month if you’re purchasing it on a per-month basis or $9.99 per month if you’re purchasing it for 12 months. 

What Do You Get Once Two Phones Synced Together With Eyezy? 

Once you’ve gone through the whole sign-up process, it’s time to get two phones linked together with Eyezy.

After you’ve linked together with your two phones, here’s what to look for when going through your boyfriend’s phone on Eyezy.

  • Take a look at the dashboard to have an overview of his activity.
  • If you’d like to dive into any specifics, you can toggle between different features.
  • Choose Social Spotlight to see all of the social media apps he’s using and what he’s sending others.
  • There’s also a plethora of other features for you to choose from, such as Pinpoint, Files Finder, etc.

“I’ve always wondered how to get my boyfriends messages sent to my phone. I loved how easy it was to see my boyfriend’s messages and toggle between features on Eyezy. It’s also exceptionally comprehensive, and I was able to get all the evidence I needed with ease.”

Melissa, 27 years old

Alternative Ways of Mirroring Boyfriend’s Phone

If you’re looking for alternative ways to screen mirror your boyfriend’s phone, we’ve detailed some alternative ways below. Just know, however, that the methods below do carry some risk and may not work for everyone.

How to Sync iPhones Together With iCloud?

If you’ve always wanted to know how to sync iPhones together, here’s how you’d go about doing it:

  1. Sync it for free on iCloud by ensuring both iPhones are logged into the same Apple ID.
  2. Go to “Settings” on your boyfriend’s iPhone.
  3. Select your name and press “iCloud”.
  4. Turn on all data you’d like to sync and repeat this on the other iPhone.

While the above might seem relatively easy for how to link two iPhones iMessages, it doesn’t come without risk.

Not only do you need to have both phones logged into the same Apple ID, but you would also need to have access to your boyfriend’s phone.

If your boyfriend is doing something suspicious, it’s highly likely that he’s not going to provide you with access to his phone – making the whole process practically impossible.

“I’ve tried syncing my boyfriend’s phone together with mine with iCloud, and he was incredibly suspicious. He kept asking me why we had to sync our iPhones, and it caused a huge argument between us. It’s definitely not a method that I’d recommend.”

Layla, 22 years old

How to Sync My Boyfriend’s Android Phone to Mine With Google Account?

If you’ve got an Android, below are the answers to how to sync your boyfriend’s Android phone to yours.

  1. Both phones need to be logged into the same Google account.
  2. Head to “Settings”, then “Accounts and backup”.
  3. Open “Accounts”, then “Google Account” before selecting “Sync Account”.
  4. Click the three dots on the top right and press “Sync Now”.
  5. Repeat on the other phone.

Similar to the iPhone process, while you’ll be able to get your boyfriend’s text messages, it’s a risky process as you’ll need access to their phone and have the same Google account.

Even if your boyfriend provides you with access, you may not get the information that you’re looking for. It’s also a relatively lengthy process as you’d need to do it not just on his phone but also on yours.


Final Thoughts

There are a few different ways to sync your boyfriend’s phone to yours. Just know, however, that some ways are easier and less risky than others.

With Eyezy, you’ll have access to a plethora of features, and your boyfriend will also have no idea that you have access to his information. While the other methods are feasible, they do have elements of risk.

If you find out that your boyfriend is cheating, take a moment before deciding what to do. While it would be difficult to control your emotions, the last thing you’d want is to end up doing something that you regret.


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