How to Catfish Your Boyfriend With a Fake Internet Profile?

Many worried girlfriends choose to create a fake internet profile to test their boyfriend’s loyalty or find out if he is cheating. If this is you, and you wonder how to catfish my boyfriend, you’re in the right place.

Simply put, catfishing is a deceptive practice where someone creates a fake persona on a social network in order to target someone. The term originated from the American documentary movie Catfish, which came out in 2010. This led to TV shows on MTV, and the term became commonplace for this practice. Even though the term is relatively new, the practice has existed since the dawn of the internet. According to statistics, 10% of new dating site accounts are fake, which potentially means 1 in 10 dating site users you’re talking to are not who they say they are!

While many people choose to catfish ‘for fun,’ you also read and see lots of stories and videos where people are saying, “I made a fake account to talk to my boyfriend” or “I made a fake Instagram account to test my boyfriend” or “i need someone to catfish my boyfriend”, which is where this article comes in.

Tips to Make a Fake Account Plausible

When you’re testing your partner’s loyalty, you don’t want to create suspicion. You also need to create a profile that would appeal to him and his “type.” If he has a band that he is into, a favorite movie, a sports team he follows, or even a favorite song, you need to create a profile that includes some of these things to draw his interest. However, be wary of making a profile that is exactly the same as his tastes, as this will seem obvious and too good to be true.

If you want to know how to make a fake account properly, make sure that you don’t use an email address that your boyfriend knows exists, the same goes for your username. Here are some more tips on how to test your boyfriend cheating with a fake account. 


Be Patient

When you’re looking at how to catfish your boyfriend on Instagram or how to catfish your boyfriend on Facebook, be prepared to wait. Time is really important. Using a fake profile means that you need some time to establish it, so it isn’t suspicious. You’ll need to add some new friends, have some posts on your page, have some pictures, etc. And only when the profile looks established should you attempt contact. 

Start Small

For people wanting to know how to create a fake Facebook account to catch your boyfriend cheating, it should start small. You’ve created your fake account, and you now need to entice him. Don’t go for the friend request straight away. Instead, join some groups he’s in and start liking or commenting on things he posts or responds too.

If you’re on Instagram, and he has a public account, this is pretty easy – especially if he uses hashtags, as you can claim to have found him that way. On Facebook, it’s a little trickier, but once there’s been at least some interaction, you can try sending a friend request.

Again, aim small and don’t send any messages along with the request to catfish someone over text. Just see if he accepts it. If he does, you can then begin interacting with him more on his profile before eventually sending him a few messages with a flirty tone. Once you’ve got enough evidence that he’s not loyal either by what he tells you or by the way he responds to you, you can reveal your true identity and confront him. 

Don’t Forget the Photos

When it comes to catfishing and creating a fake account, you’ll need authentic-looking photos. You won’t get away with generic ones. Find a natural-looking image of someone you think your boyfriend would be attracted to. Try a site like Pexels, where there are royalty-free images available to download. Be careful, though, if it looks too professional, he might be suspicious. 

How to Catfish Your Boyfriend on Instagram? 

On Instagram, you’ll need to create a profile, have some followers, and follow some people. When looking for followers, search for people he follows. This way, you might even come up with a suggestion for “people you may know” because of your shared interests.

Check out your boyfriend’s Instagram account for hashtags he follows and follow the same ones. After posting a few photos that look believable, request to follow him and see how he responds. If he doesn’t respond and follow you back after a week or so, try sending a DM to see if you can get him that way. 

How to Catfish Your Boyfriend on Facebook?

As we’ve mentioned, you’ll need a slightly different technique for Facebook, and this all depends on what he uses it for and how locked down his profile is. If you know he’s in groups because of his interests, use your fake profile to join these groups too.

Catfishing your boyfriend on Facebook only really works if they’re active on there and post a lot on their profile or in the group. You can, of course, just bite the bullet and message your boyfriend via Facebook Messenger, but unless you’re friends on there, this might go unseen quite easily.

Other Ways to Test Your Boyfriend Cheating

There are other ways on how to test your boyfriend cheating, and you can even learn how to catfish your boyfriend over text. This would require a new number (and a new phone unless you’re willing to constantly switch SIM cards around!). However, there are some much easier ways, as we’ll see here: 

Download Spying App

Believe it or not, spying apps really exist! Many people use them when they’re parents to check on their children’s phones, for example, but they’re equally useful for checking on a cheating or suspicious partner. When you use a spying app, the evidence is undeniable, and it can give you that reassurance or closure that you need. 

Setup Keylogger

A keylogger is often part of a spy app though the software does exist on its own for desktop computers and laptops. Essentially, a keylogger logs all of the keystrokes entered into a computer or smartphone. When you look at them, you’ll be able to see what messages were sent, what forms were filled in, what internet searches were done, and what websites were accessed. 

Track His Movements 

A mobile phone spy app often comes with GPS capabilities, so you’ll be able to track the device’s whereabouts. You can also track a phone’s whereabouts via logging into the person’s iCloud and Find My Phone software.

Some spy apps also come with a function called Geofencing. When you set this up, it will alert you when the device enters or leaves a specific area of your choosing. So, if you think there’s another person involved, you can see if your boyfriend is going to that place or not. 


Top Apps to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend If Catfishing Didn’t Work

top apps to catch a cheating boyfriend

If catfishing your boyfriend doesn’t work and you’d like to try out a spy app, here are 3 that might be good. 


eyeZy spy app

Eyezy is a monitoring app designed for families to protect children online. That said, it’s also a great tool for partners who think their other half is cheating. With Eyezy, you can see all of their private messages, social chats, and images. It has keystroke capture, a pinpoint feature showing you where they are, a way to see what their plans are on their calendar, a phone analyzer, and much more. 



Similar to Eyezy is mSpy. mSpy monitors every tap and keystroke of their phone. You can see where they have been and where they are going, see their texts (including any that have been deleted), find out who they’ve called, and more. What’s more, mSpy is completely undetectable.



Another good spying app is TheSpyBubble. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android and has around thirty different features. You can spy on your boyfriend’s WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat, as well as others. It is 100% secure, and support is available 24/7. 

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to relationships, no one really wants to have to catfish their boyfriend to find out if he’s cheating. But the thing with cheaters is, they’re often so discrete. When we’re on the receiving end of cheating or suspected cheating, we will do anything to find out the truth. Usually, your instincts are right, but without proof, you just don’t want to throw things away. Also, cheaters are great at gaslighting you into believing it’s all in your head. Knowing one way or the other is so important, which is why catfishing your boyfriend or downloading a spy app might be the way forward.


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