How to Catch Your Partner Cheating on Social Media? Best Ways You Should Be Aware Of

“It’s an innocent lie.” “It’s just a plain conversation.” “You’re just jealous.” The list of alibis probably goes on, but you know there are a whole lot more under the surface. Your husband may try to downplay it, cover it up, or even legitimize it when he’s cheating on you. But at the end of the day, it’s your life, and you should be the one to choose the kind of person you want to live your life with — someone who says one thing and does the other, or someone who respects you enough to not cajole with you.

If your female intuition is sharp enough to smell infidelity from miles away, the first place you should look for clues these days is on messaging apps. Messaging apps have become the main alleyway for cheaters, thanks to a flurry of features that help cheaters to cover their tracks.

Hence, we’ll show you how to sharpen your instincts and investigative skills and how to uncover cheating on social media with simple yet high-tech tools. 

What Is a Social Media Affair? 


The line between what’s considered cheating and what’s considered ‘normal’ can be quite blurry on social media. On one extreme, some relationship experts believe that any activity on social media that saps the time and energy needed for a healthy relationship with your main partner should be considered cheating. On the other hand, even messages with suspicious content like kisses and love emojis ‘do not mean anything’ on social media to some people.

However, the most logical definition of a social media affair is any activity on social media that would be considered cheating if it were to happen physically offline. There’s definitely a good reason to suspect that your husband is having a social media affair when he’s:

  • Chatting relentlessly with someone he just met.
  • Chatting with his ex-girlfriend or someone he was once in love with.
  • Chatting with someone he met on a dating site.
  • Staying up late at night to chat with friends or work colleagues.

While these signs don’t necessarily spell a social media affair, they’re red flags that you shouldn’t overlook. That’s because people are more likely to cheat behind the anonymity of their screens compared to physical situations.

Thanks to the cover of anonymity on social media, a simple flirtatious question or an innocent conversation about relationships can quickly escalate into sharing nude pictures and talking really dirty.

5 Signs of Social Media Cheating

Sometimes, social media cheating might not be as clear-cut as explained above. Your husband might try to cut corners and scheme his way around while indulging in his secret relationship. Hence, here are 5 telltale signs of social media cheating that you should act on once you discover them: 

He Changes Password Randomly Without Any Good Reason

In some cases, a cheating husband might not even feel the need to hide his messages, so he just locks everyone out of his phone. If your husband denies you access to his messaging apps, there’s definitely something on there that he doesn’t want you to see — most likely something as damning as a secret affair. 

Your Husband Spends More Time on Social Media — Even During Odd Hours

You need to find out what’s been keeping him up late at night on social media platforms. Like we earlier said, you should be worried about your relationship when your husband begins re-channeling the time and energy he normally spends with you to social media — regardless of the reason. 

He Creates New Social Media Accounts

Maybe he knows that changing his passwords or deleting his messages will arouse suspicion, so he decides to try other ways to hide his secret on his phone. He creates a new account for his cheating conversations. 

He Changes Privacy Settings on Certain Messages

Your husband might continue using the old account that you can access but then changes the privacy settings on certain messages. If you come across such messages, you need to find out their content, even if it means spying on his cell phone. 

Your Husband Posts Photos of Himself Only

So, he’s no longer proud of being hitched with you and chooses not to share photos of you two. You attend events like a wedding or a corporate event, and all the pictures he shares are those with him alone or anyone else but you. Perhaps he’s trying to show someone on social media that he’s still available. 


Top Social Networking Apps Used for Cheating 

So, you’ve seen enough now to believe that something is obviously odd about your husband’s behavior recently. Now you know you need to find out things for yourself. Here are the most likely places to begin your investigations: 



Snapchat is one of the most convenient messaging apps for cheaters, thanks to features like Snaps and hidden messages that enable them to cover their tracks easily. Cheaters love the self-destructive Snaps because they help them delete messages automatically without much thought. 



Facebook is renowned as a hub for reunions. It’s one of the go-to places for people looking for old acquaintances and friends they’ve lost touch with. Unfortunately, it also gives people the opportunity to hook up with old lovers. What’s more, Facebook Messenger supports encrypted messages, and the Facebook secret chats feature helps cheaters cover their tracks. 



Instagram is a media-sharing platform that provides people with top-notch features for sharing amazing pictures and videos. However, the platform is also rife with cheating activities thanks to the media-sharing features that enable cheaters to share highly stimulating sexual content. 



As a married man, your husband ought to have nothing to do with a dating app like Tinder — except for strictly professional reasons. If he’s chatting on Tinder, he’s definitely hooking up or indulging in a sexual relationship with someone. 



WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that attracts people from all walks of life. Unfortunately, you might need to learn how to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp because this app is a go-to place for people looking to find sex partners. WhatsApp also protects cheating messages with end-to-end encryption — one of the most important things cheaters love.



Telegram also appeals to cheaters because of the self-destruct and hidden chats features. Auto-destruct allows cheaters to set a time for messages to expire and self-destruct, while the hidden chats hide messages from everyone else. 



Is signal app used for cheating? Signal is another go-to messaging app for chronic cheaters, Signal also facilitates secret conversations with features like disappearing messages and end-to-end encryption.

How Do Cheaters Try to Hide Their Messages?

Cheaters are increasingly turning to message apps to run their secret affairs because they give them access to several convenient features. Your cheating husband could be using messaging apps to cover his tracks by:

  • Deleting text messages. With just one press of a button, he can wipe out days or weeks worth of messages off the face of the earth.
  • Using secret conversations. Some social media apps like WhatsApp, Tinder, Snapchat, etc., provide features that cheaters can use to hide certain messages from everyone else. Your husband can hide or show an entire chat history with just a click of a button.
  • Disappearing messages. Another highly convenient feature for cheaters is disappearing messages. With this, they don’t need to bother about deleting the messages themselves. The messages delete themselves automatically after a certain period, helping cheaters avoid the risks of forgetting to delete certain messages on time.
  • Fake social media accounts. Sometimes, cheaters create new fake accounts that no one knows about except for their cheating partners. So, you could end up monitoring your hubby’s main account all day and see nothing, not knowing that he reserves his flirtatious activities for another fake account he keeps secret.
  • Hidden apps. Some apps can camouflage a trove of sensitive data. On the surface, it could look like an innocent app, like a calculator or a media app. But behind the disguise, there’s probably treasonous content hidden deep inside. 

What Is the Best App to Catch a Cheating Husband? 

mspy spy app

Now, what if we told you that there are some apps out there that can help you track down your man on social media, no matter the techniques he uses to hide his secrets? That’s right. These apps use stealthy algorithms to capture details of your husband’s social media activities, no matter how hard he might try to hide them.

mSpy helps you uncover deleted messages, secret conversations, hidden apps, and lots more. It provides pro-rated spy tools via a seamless interface. You’ll find all your husband’s social media activities neatly categorized on your interface. What’s more, everything can be done remotely from start to finish.

mSpy tracks just about every move your husband makes on social media, from his private messages to group messages, shared media files, and lots more. You’ll also get to see his contacts, groups, and just about anyone he interacts with. You’ll also get to conduct a wide search because mSpy penetrates just about every social media platform, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Tinder, and Viber.

All it takes to deploy mSpy is a moment to sign up for the app and then download and install it. Once it’s locked and loaded, you can open your phone anytime to view your husband’s social media activities — on the bus, in your workplace, on your couch, wherever, whenever. 

How to Catch Social Media Cheaters on iPhone or Android? 

mSpy Installation Guide

One of the best things about how to catch a cheater using top-notch spy apps like mSpy is the seamless installation and operation process. That means you can deploy high-tech spy features in a breeze even if you have zero prior technical experience. The stealth operations mean you can install and run the app without ever worrying about getting busted. Here’s all it takes to deploy mSpy on any Android or iOS device:

Installation for iPhone

For iPhones, you can carry out everything remotely from start to finish. You only need to know your husband’s iCloud account credentials and ensure that his iCloud account’s two-factor authentication is inactive.

Here are simple steps you need to take to catch your husband cheating on his iPhone:

Step 1. Create an Account

Mspy Step 1. Create an Account

Take a moment to log on to mSpy’s official website, click the ‘Try Now’ button, and fill out your email.

Step 2. Choose Device

Mspy Step 2. Choose Device

You’ll be taken to a page where you can choose either the Android or iOS version of the app. In this instance, you need to choose iOS.

Step 3. Choose Your Plan

Mspy Step 3. Choose Your Plan

Choose the type of plan that best suits your budget and how long you want to run your spying campaign.

Step 4. Start Monitoring

Mspy Step 4. Start Monitoring

After completing the subscription process, you’ll receive an email confirming your subscription and detailing how to set up and use the app. You’ll need to log into your mSpy dashboard and then enter your husband’s iCloud credentials. Once you do, mSpy will sync automatically with his iCloud account and copy down every data uploaded to his iCloud account.

Installation for Android

You can also catch a cheater on Android using mSpy’s straightforward process. The slight difference here is the need for a brief moment alone with your husband’s phone. That’s because mSpy will need to copy data directly from the phone since they’re not synced to a cloud storage service like iCloud.

Here’s all you need to do:

Step 1. Create an Account

Mspy Step 1. Create an Account

Visit mSpy’s official website, click on the ‘Try Now’ button, and then fill out your email details.

Step 2. Choose Device & Download mSpy

Mspy Step 2. Choose Device

Select ‘Android’ as the type of device you want to spy on, and then download the app on your device.

Step 3. Choose Your Plan

Mspy Step 3. Choose Your Plan

After that, you need to select the subscription plan that best suits your needs. mSpy offers a Premium package with a duration of 1-month, 3-month and 12-month.

Step 4. Start Monitoring

Mspy Step 4. Start Monitoring

After completing the subscription process, you’ll get an email showing you the subscription details, including your login credentials, as well as instructions on how to set up and use the app.

You’ll need to find a good moment to grab your husband’s phone for a minute or two for the installation. After that, you can sit back and check up on your mSpy updates anywhere, anytime, to know if your husband is cheating. 



You don’t have to despair over your husband’s hidden social media activities. You know how to catch your husband cheating with a turnkey spy app. A top-notch spy app like mSpy reveals just about everything your husband does on just about any social media platform.

We’ve highlighted the most likely social media platforms where your husband could be nursing his secrets and showed you red flags that should get you on alert that there might be something suspicious going on with him.

Whether he tries to hide his messages with secret conversation features, secret apps or deletes them frequently, you can get a step ahead and beat him at his game using a top-notch spy app like mSpy.


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