How Can I Catch My Husband Cheating? A Comprehensive Guide

Keeping relationships afloat these days is challenging, and marriages seem more difficult than in the past. Today, infidelity is one of many long-standing issues affecting marriages, and it has become a deal-breaker for many people. 

Everyone wants a perfect marriage, but changes occur with every turn of life, even in relationships. That ideal man you have as a husband, who adores and worships you, has suddenly stopped doing the things that attracted you to him. This reason and many more are clear signs indicating infidelity.

However, you can’t be too sure your significant other is cheating – especially when you don’t have proof. You need to know if there’s a possibility that your husband might cheat on you or not. 

As accurate as your instincts may be, wives often misunderstand a changed behavior due to life issues for signs that their husbands are cheating.

If you’ve seen credible signs your husband is cheating and are already connecting the dots, you’d want to satisfy your curiosity and clear your doubts. However, catching a cheating husband – especially a smart one – isn’t a seamless task. 

Nonetheless, there are some ways to determine if your husband is seeing someone else. 

If you doubt your husband’s loyalty and feel something is going on behind the scenes, this article iterates some practical approaches that’ll help you clear your doubts or confirm your suspicions. Although there’s no definite way to catch your spouse cheating, you’ll find the following methods helpful.

3 Best Ways to Catch a Cheating Husband

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When you’re sick, your body lets you know, and you’ll notice some changes in its daily operations. The same applies to relationships. When a marriage is heading for the rocks – no matter how insensitive you’re – you’d know it’s about to happen. 

Perhaps you suspect your husband is having an affair; hence, you may be right about the behavior change. Men are worse at pretending, and some constant signs give them away when involved in extramarital affairs.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs and are committed to finding the truth or wondering how to catch a cheating husband, here are some of the best ways to spy on your husband:

Track and Investigate Their Movements 

Technology has made truth-finding easy, and if you can exploit some technological innovations, you’ll find this approach easy and effective. 

If your husband has an Android smartphone, you can see his location history through “Google Maps.” To do this, head to the Google Map application on his phone and tap on “Location Sharing.” 

Now, click on the Share Location icon and select “Until You Turn This Off.” That way, you’ll have access to his device’s location. 

If your husband uses an iPhone device, you can utilize the Find My iPhone feature to see his real-time location 24/7. 

Alternatively, you can hire a private investigator to spy on your husband and gather evidence. This medium is one of the proven ways to catch a cheating husband. But if you’ve not seen enough signs that your husband is cheating on the cell phone, wait until you’ve got enough proof to kick-start investigations. 

NOTE: The Android and iOS spy mediums require you to access the target’s phone physically. So while these methods can get you the GPS data you need, there’s a chance that you might get caught.

Unannounced Visits

Cheating husbands particularly develop a keen interest in their spouse’s routine, as the knowledge allows them to engage in their vices unnoticed. 

If you’re looking for a cheap way to catch your husband cheating, drop by his workplace one of the nights he claims to be working late. You never can tell what you’ll discover. 

Use a Spy Application

Using a spy tracking application is the most effective means of catching a cheating husband. A spy app’s primary function is to mine the target’s data unaware. These apps can track the timing of online sessions, emails, messages, social media activities, messenger apps, and many more – giving you access to all who your husband is calling or chatting with privately.


How to Catch a Cheating Partner on His Cell Phone?

catch a cheating husband

Looking out for cheating husband signs isn’t enough evidence to make a rock-solid claim. Your husband can confidently dismiss your claims if you have no proof. If he’s cheating, you’re indirectly notifying him to be extra careful if you confront him without evidence. 

But you can’t always be with him or request his phone whenever he gets back from work; what you’re trying to do would be too obvious. 

What if I introduce you to a better way to achieve your aim? You could easily monitor his conversations, texts, social media activities, emails, and messaging apps. 

Although there are tons of spy applications out there, one alternative I recommend without a doubt is mSpy.

mSpy is a credible monitoring application that’ll help you achieve your monitoring wants effectively. With this app, you can easily find out if your husband is cheating – with enough proof to back your claim. 

Of course, it can be devastating and shocking to find out your husband is cheating. 

However, your findings will save you time and help you determine what next – is the marriage worth saving, or will you file for a divorce? 

If you’re ready to find out what your husband has been up to, here’s how spy apps can help:

How to Catch a Cheating Husband Using a Spy App?

spy agent

The primary function of a spy app is straightforward – it offers direct access to another person’s phone, helping you find truths and hidden facts that someone – husband, employer, child – hides from you. 

Suppose you brood over questions like, can I catch a cheating husband with an iPhone? or how can I catch my husband cheating? 

In that case, there’s good news! 

You can catch your husband cheating with an iPhone – that’s where spy apps come into play. 

The features embedded into spy apps allow them to access the target’s messages and call records secretly. The exciting aspect is that you can access the target’s cell phone as you like without a password or coming in contact with their phone – fascinating, right?

But there are multiple spy applications online today, and the primary problem many wives face is choosing the right and most effective spy app for the job. 

Although there are dangerous applications, I’ve done detailed research to save you the stress of researching reliable spy applications and the best choices. 

After weighing all their pros and cons, I’d recommend the mSpy app if you want to catch a cheating husband online.

mSpy provides you with the crucial features to catch a cheating partner. You can easily install the mSpy app on his iOS or Android device to monitor his mobile and online activities. 

So, do you have the typical “Is my husband cheating” query? 

Find out more about the mSpy app in the subsequent lines. 

Features That Make mSpy the Best Option for Catching a Cheating Husband

mspy spy app

The significant advantages of the mSpy monitoring app include:

  • Easy Setup 

mSpy is a spy app that’s easy to install on the target phone – regardless of OS. Therefore, you’ll experience no difficulty in your quest to install the spy application and monitor your husband’s device. 

  • Affordability 

mSpy is a spy app that offers you premium functions without having to break the bank. You can choose an ideal option from the available plans to find out if your husband is cheating or not.

  • Speed 

Spy applications trawls data from the target cell phone, and mSpy does a diligent job when it comes to fetching and delivering crucial data. 

Your dashboard is updated every 5 minutes, meaning you know what your husband is up to all day long.

What Are the Activities I Can Track With the Spy App?

  • Phone Location 📍

A top-tier feature you’ll enjoy using mSpy is accurate location tracking services. Thus, if your husband claims to be working late or at the bar with friends, you can see if he’s telling the truth from your mSpy dashboard. 

  • Instant Messaging Apps 👀

With mSpy, you can access your husband’s contacts and private messages. So, if he’s cheating, you’ll have unrestricted access to his conversations, which is proof enough to confront him. 

  • Social Media Applications📱

There are billions of social media accounts today. The fact that most of these platforms allow users to share multimedia and text has increased infidelity acts. Many married men have online girlfriends they text on these social media platforms. 

So, if you suspect your man is cheating online and are wondering how to catch a cheating spouse, install the mSpy application on his phone to monitor his social media activities 24/7.

  • Emails 📧

Besides messaging apps, mSpy allows you to monitor emails. Men are deceptive, and your husband may be conversing with his mistress via email – knowing that you may not look there. 

  • Call Logs 📞

If he’s not picking up some calls or excuses himself to receive calls, it’s natural to be concerned. Snooping on his phone to check his call history might be futile as he may have deleted his call history. 

However, with mSpy in the mix, you’ll get the logs you seek without touching his phone. 

  • SMS 📨

mSpy is perfect for SMS message monitoring. If your partner is always on the phone texting, you can use a spy app to find out who. 

  • Photos and Videos 📷

You’ll be shocked at the amount of information you can gather from a person’s gallery. But if you can’t unlock your husband’s phone or he won’t give it to you, the best way to remotely access his multimedia is via spy apps like mSpy – and they do an excellent job. 

How to Install a Spy App to Catch a Cheating Husband?

The installation process for the majority of the top spy apps is pretty straightforward. However, spy apps vary in functions. 

Quickly, let me run you through the installation process for mSpy:

mSpy Installation Process

Here’s a detailed instruction on how to install mSpy:

Step 1. Create a mSpy Account 
Mspy Step 1. Create an Account

Visit mSpy’s official website and create an account using a valid email address. Now, accept the terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy. Afterward, finish the account creation process. You’ll receive an email with installation details following the account opening. 

Step 2. Choose Device
Mspy Step 2. Choose Device

The mSpy application is available for iOS and Android devices. Select the cell phone OS your husband uses, and proceed to the next step.

Step 3. Select a Package
Mspy Step 3. Choose Your Plan

Presently, mSpy offers three subscription plans: 

  • 1 Month: $48.99
  • 3 Months: $27.99 per month
  • 12 Months: $11.66 per month

Now, choose a subscription plan that fits your aim. 

Step 4. Start Monitoring
mSpy Demo DM

Once you’ve purchased a package and installed the app, access your dashboard to see who your husband is calling or texting on his phone.

So far, I’ve discussed and shown you a practical way to get evidence and catch a cheating husband on the phone. 

But what if he’s not cheating on his phone? 

Even though computers aren’t as handy as phones, some people prefer to text with their PC, and here’s how to find out if he’s cheating on his computer.

How to Catch a Cheating Husband on a Personal Computer?

woman sitting on bed and looking at man, texting on laptop

Although PCs aren’t as popular with cheating partners as mobile phones, there are still a few practical ways to monitor your husband’s online activities. 

The easiest method is to check his browser history.

This act will get you in sync with his online activities, sites he accesses, and other things from his history. If you find anything fishy in his browser history, you can pry further by following his digital footprints.

Likewise, you can use a keylogger to extract his online and social media account passwords. However, you may not require a keylogger if he saves his passwords on his default browser. With his social media account passwords, you can see what pictures your husband likes and check his conversations.

Remember that PCs are not the ideal device option for cheaters. Meanwhile, if you want to go the extra mile or don’t have time to monitor your husband’s activities via spy applications, you can consider the mediums I’ll be listing below. 

How to Catch a Cheating Husband Using Tech Devices?

Here are other ways to catch your cheating husband via tech devices:

Set Up a Spycam or Baby Monitor 

One of the best alternatives to spyware is spy cams. A spy cam is a vital device to catch a cheating husband, as it monitors your partner’s movement and transmits audio to you. 

The best time frame to set up the spycam is when your husband isn’t around. 

Most cheating husbands have a favorite spot where they pick shady calls. Once you find this safe haven, install the camera at a decent angle, ensuring it blends with the environment, wall, or ceiling you’re mounting it on. 

Paint the camera to match its location – if need be – as you wouldn’t want it to be too conspicuous. Go to your room or bathroom once your husband is heading for his usual spot. 

Turn on the monitor and recorder to begin monitoring. 

Use a Hidden Microphone or Digital Recorder

The technology world has evolved so much that many tech devices take the form of other items to conceal their identities. 

You can get a pen or pair of glasses with a spy camera on the internet today, and these are some of the best spy accessories for catching a cheating husband. 

There are numerous digital recording products, from casual home decorations to pens or thumb drives, and your choice should fit perfectly in the space you want to install it. Imagine setting up a microphone-enabled radio in the bathroom – it’s odd and can easily give you away.

Once you make a digital recorder choice, set it up in the room your husband frequents the most when he receives those shady calls. Check the digital recorder at your convenience – preferably when he’s out of the house. 

Put a GPS Tracker in His Car 

The GPS tracker is one of technology’s most advanced inventions, and many wives put this innovation to good use when they feel their husbands are cheating. Plant the GPS tracker in a less conspicuous area of his car.

You can place it under the seat or at the back of the glove compartment to make it less visible. If the tracker emits light signals, you may want to paint the light bulb to conceal its presence better. 

Is he staying out late, and you’d like to learn how to know if your husband is cheating? Then, install a GPS tracker in his car to see his exact location whenever he says, “I’m working late today, hon.”

How to Know If Your Spouse Is Cheating?


If you’d like to know if your husband is cheating, I’ll give you information that’ll help you know if he’s facilitating an affair or not. Let’s dive in!

5 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

The following are signs that your husband is cheating:

Spending More Time at Work or With Friends

When your husband is cheating on you, work and men hangouts are common excuses he’ll give for staying out late. While you’re home thinking he’s working so hard, he might be enjoying another woman’s company. 

You may want to spy on your husband if you notice a sudden change in his working hours. It’s one of the effective ways to avoid concluding that your husband is cheating without proof, as some men truly work extra hours to make ends meet.

He Doesn’t Let You Use His Mobile Phone

Partners who are genuinely faithful to each other have no problem sharing their phones. Your husband might be brilliant at covering his tracks, making the previous statement partially true. 

However, even if your husband is covering his tracks, the fear of you finding suspicious files or texts would make him uncomfortable with you operating his phone. Often, a cheating husband will ask you many questions before giving his phone and monitor your usage. 

These are signs that your husband is cheating on the cell phone.

Additionally, you may notice sudden anxiety in his face when you request his phone, and he may start ignoring some calls in your presence. If he constantly changes his passwords or doesn’t give his passcodes, that’s a red flag. You’ll see how to catch a cheating husband on his cellphone in the latter stages of this article. 

Sudden Changes in His Finances 

Monitoring your husband’s finances is not a new thing, as spouses are financially accountable to each other. If your husband is having a secret affair, you’ll notice a huge bump in his expenses because he’d spend most of it on his mistress. 

Except he’s sponsoring a project or an investment you’re aware of, you may want to spy on your spouse’s phone to clarify your doubts. 

As a wife, if you’ve noticed one or more of these signs in your husband, kick-start your investigation from his phone. Phone checking is one of the practical ways to catch a cheating husband. 

He Puts More Effort Into His Appearance

When you got married, your husband didn’t care about his style. If you see that your husband suddenly starts to dress nicer and use expensive cologne, note that he might be trying to look good for someone else that isn’t YOU!

He Accuses You of Cheating

This move is used by most cheaters. In a bid to lessen your suspicions, a cheating husband might accuse you of cheating. This action might dampen your interest in monitoring his cell phone activities.

Nevertheless, note that this is a ploy used by cheating husbands to get the target off their backs. 

Be vigilant. 

3 Signs of a Cheating Husband on His Cell Phone

cheating man with a phone

Cell phones are in the pockets of every Dick and Harry nowadays. Unfortunately, cheaters use these devices to facilitate affairs.

The following are signs that your husband is cheating on his cell phone:

He Spends More Time on His Phone

Cheaters are in constant contact with their lovers. So, if your husband is always on his phone, you should have valid concerns. Although he may be tidying some tasks for a meeting, there’s a high chance that he’s talking to a secret lover if this phone usage pattern continues. 

He Has Passwords on Every App

Although having a phone lock is normal, your husband placing passcodes on his applications might mean that he’s hiding something away from you. 

If he refuses to give you the passkey to an application, that’s a tell-tale sign that he’s cheating on you. 

He Has Strange Numbers on His Phone

If you see numbers with tags like “Investment CEO” or “Amazing Carpenter,” note that something might be up. Most times, cheaters mask the names of their lovers to cover their tracks. 

While these names may be valid, your hubby getting all worked up when you ask him to call them signifies one thing – infidelity.

5 Things Cheaters Say to Hide Affairs

Here are some things cheating husbands say to hide their extramarital affairs: 

  1. We’re just friends 
  2. It’s not like we had anything together 
  3. They came on to me, how is that my fault?
  4. So, you don’t trust me?
  5. You’re just jealous 


How to Deal with a Cheating Husband?

upset woman

Finding out that your husband is cheating on you isn’t a pleasant discovery, as it can break you to your core and send you into an abyss of endless thoughts. If you have solid proof that your husband is cheating, you’ll likely become bitter, unhappy, and miserable.

But the fact remains that it’s better for you to know than be in the dark, and here are some vital tips you’ll find helpful if you’re in such a situation.

What to Say to Your Cheating Husband

Finding out your husband cheated on you will hurt. 

However, once you come to terms with his cheating activities, endeavor to ask him the following questions:

  1. Do you feel guilty about what you did?
  2. Was your cheating intentional or deliberate?
  3. How many times did you cheat? 
  4. Now that I caught you, what do you feel?
  5. What’s next for us?

You’ll probably have more queries than this. However, it’s important to get answers and know where the union is headed. Although it’ll hurt, you just have to do it. I’m rooting for YOU!

Why If I Stayed With My Cheating Husband?

When I discovered that my hubby of 30 years cheated on me, I was numb for two days. However, I didn’t want to see my wards become irresponsible when they grew older because of my broken marriage. 

Since my husband was apologetic and ready to turn a new leaf, I decided to give the marriage another go. To date, we’re living happily, and my household has never been this stronger!

How to Forgive a Cheating Husband and Move on?

Forgiving a cheating partner isn’t easy, trust me. But, if you’re ready to give the marriage another go, I’ll list the steps that helped me.

They include:

  • Speak With Your Husband

This type of conversation is one of the most difficult in any marriage. However, it’s crucial to confront your husband about your findings as that’s the first step to getting it off your mind and healing from the pain. 

  • Take Time to Reflect on the Situation

The timeline after discovering your husband’s acts of infidelity is vital, and you’d want to be in the right state of mind to make excellent decisions. 

It’s natural for your emotions to boil over following the revelation, and you’ll only make rash decisions if you storm to action at that moment. 

Instead, take some time to process, and analyze the situation. This time off will help you decide the best way to approach the problem and what you feel is best for you. Even though some of your actions might have pushed him to cheat, remember that he decided to cheat, and you’re not to blame for his deeds. 

  • Talk to a Therapist 

Everyone deals with emotional hurt differently. Talk to a marriage counselor or a therapist who excels in heart matters. They might not be able to get your marriage back, but they’ll help you overcome the pain and move on. 


If you feel your husband is having an affair and want to confirm your suspicions, you’re not alone – there are thousands of other women looking to do the same. Several signs indicate that your husband is having an affair, but you can’t be too sure if you don’t have proof. 

Interestingly, technological advancement has made the world a better place, and with tracking apps like mSpy, you can easily get the information you need from the comfort of your phone. mSpy is a reliable tracking app that helps you keep tabs on your husband’s mobile activities, including calls, texts, social media activities, etc.

With mSpy, you have the ultimate weapon to find out who your husband is texting and where he is whenever he claims to be working late.


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