How to Catch a Cheating Husband on WhatsApp: Best Two Options

WhatsApp is an incredibly popular social messaging application with 2 billion active users worldwide. Not only is it straightforward to use, but it also comes with plenty of features, from stickers to statuses, groups, and more.

While WhatsApp is an excellent messaging app, it’s unfortunately also an app that’s synonymous with cheating. If you think that your husband is cheating and have always wondered how to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp, we’re here to help.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know pertaining to how to catch your cheating husband. From looking for secret codes to providing you with two qualified methods that you can’t go wrong with.

With these methods, you’re sure to gather sufficient evidence to speak with your husband about his actions.

Is WhatsApp Used for Cheating?

Is WhatsApp used for cheating? The short answer to that is yes. Why is he using WhatsApp? Since it’s a messaging app, it’s easy to exchange messages through WhatsApp – be it flirty messages, sexual messages, and more.

If you noticed that your husband has been exhibiting odd behavior such as using his phone (particularly WhatsApp) more than usual or sneaking off to the bathroom or another private area with his phone, it’s likely that he’s cheating. 


WhatsApp Cheating Messages: Look for Secret Codes 

While there are many ways on how to know if your husband is cheating, one of the ways to know if your husband is cheating on WhatsApp is through secret codes.

If you’ve seen your husband’s messages, it’s possible that he’s using any of the words and secret codes below. Here’s what they are:

  1. Straycation – a vacation that’s taken with his affair partner
  2. ASL/ ASLP – (age/sex/location, age/sex/location/partner)
  3. IRL – in real life
  4. NSFS – not suitable for spouse
  5. The First Coming – the first orgasm reached outside of marriage

While some of the secret codes above could depend on the context and whether or not it’s a romantic conversation, it’s still good to keep these secret codes in mind if you’re looking at your husband’s messages. 

Qualified Method to Catch a Cheating Husband With eyeZy

Wondering how to catch your husband cheating with an app? One of the best ways to catch a cheating husband is with eyeZy. Not only is it an exceptionally powerful phone monitoring software, but it’s also easy to install and use. Best of all, eyeZy is undetectable, so you won’t have to worry about your husband finding out.

With eyeZy, you’ll also have access to everything from your husband’s messages to his social media chats, images, and more. 

“I downloaded eyeZy, and it was easy to get everything set up. While not the outcome I wanted, I was also able to access all of the information I needed to catch my husband cheating.

Melissa, 27 years old 

How Can eyeZy Catch Your Husband Cheating?

Cheating on Snapchat With eyeZy

If you’ve always wondered how to check husband’s whatsapp, there’s no better way to do it than with eyeZy. The software comes with a plethora of great features.

Keystroke Capture

Keystroke Capture

Use a keystroke, and you’ll be able to see what your husband is typing. You can also see what your husband is searching for.

Social Spotlight

Social Spotlight

The Social Spotlight feature on eyeZy is what answers the ‘how do I check my husband’s WhatsApp’ query. You’ll be able to see all of your husband’s messages on WhatsApp with eyeZy.

You’ll also be able to see social media applications such as Tinder, Instagram, and Facebook. These include both private conversations along with ones that they’re deleted.  



With the pinpoint feature, you’ll be able to see where your husband has been and where he’s at. The pinpoint feature also includes GPS tracking, so you’ll be able to know where your husband’s exact location is.

Plans Breaker

Plans Breaker

With Plans Breaker, you’ll have access to your husband’s social calendar. You’ll be able to know what your husband is up to and who’s involved in his plans.

Files Finder

files finder

See all of the files that your husband has on his phone – this includes pictures, videos, files, documents, etc.

Web Magnifier

Web Magnifier

Have a good idea of everything your husband is searching for on the internet. You’ll be able to see everything from what websites they’re visiting to and how long his sessions are.

Magic Alerts

Magic Alerts

If your husband is messaging to someone you don’t want them to be messaging to, you can choose to get a magic alert from eyeZy.

Phone Analyzer

Phone Analyzer

Call monitoring is also a great feature from eyeZy. You’ll be able to know who’s called your husband and how long he has spoken to them.  

Invisible Shield


As eyeZy has an invisible shield, you won’t have to worry about your husband knowing. You’ll be able to see exactly who he’s texting and what messages he’s exchanging on social media platforms with ease.

Friendly Installer

Friendly Installer

eyeZy is not difficult to install. You can choose from a wide variety of options such as Jailbreak, iCloud sync, etc. 

How Can I Catch My Cheating Husband With eyeZy?

Installing eyeZy on your phone is exceptionally easy. You’ll be able to install it on any device, no matter the circumstance – it’s that simple.

If you have any issues with installing eyeZy, you’ll be glad to know that there’s someone available to assist you through the entire process. 

Time Required

Installing eyeZy on the target’s phone is effortless and takes no longer than 5 minutes.


eyeZy is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android devices, tablets, etc.

For more information pertaining to compatibility, feel free to check out eyeZy’s website.

Step 1. Create an Account

Go ahead and create an account with eyeZy. You’ll also need to choose the subscription option that you’d like before making a secure payment. 

Step 2. Download the App

Once payment is complete, you’ll go ahead and download the application on your husband’s phone before making the necessary changes.

You won’t need any professional knowledge for this as eyeZy will provide you with all the information you need.

Step 3. Start Monitoring

Head to the eyeZy website and go ahead and connect your husband’s device. You’ll then be able to access the dashboard, which will showcase all the information you need to know.

For WhatsApp specifically, toggle to the side of the ‘Social Spotlight’ section, and you’ll be able to read all of his WhatsApp messages and view his WhatsApp files. 

Why Do We Recommend Using eyeZy to Check Your Husband’s WhatsApp?

If you’ve always wanted to know who your husband is talking to on WhatsApp and wonder what’s the easiest way to check who he is chatting with on WhatsApp, eyeZy ticks all of these boxes.

Here are some reasons why eyeZy is the ideal choice:

  • It’s easy to install, and you won’t need any professional assistance.
  • You’ll get to view more than your husband’s WhatsApp messages. You’ll also get to view his text messages, videos, photos, etc.
  • It has some great features that other apps don’t have, such as the Magic Alert feature. 


Alternative Method to Catch a Cheating Husband With WhatsApp Web

If you’re looking for an alternative method to catch a cheating husband, another way to do so is with WhatsApp Web. With WhatsApp Web, you would access his WhatsApp account using a web browser.

  1. Launch a web browser on your computer and key in to the address bar.
  2. You’ll then need to unlock your husband’s device, head to WhatsApp, and select WhatsApp Web.
  3. Scan the QR code on your screen to log into their account.

While this might be a great way to answer the query ‘how to catch your husband cheating,’ there are some limitations to this. Not only will you need the unlock code, but you’ll also need to have your husband’s phone to access it every single time.

You’ll also be able to view his messages, but you won’t be able to see messages that he’s deleted.

Final Thoughts

As seen above, there are two different ways for you to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp. Whichever way you choose, just know that WhatsApp Web might be much riskier than using eyeZy.  

By using eyeZy, you’ll be able to see your husband’s messages with ease. You’ll also have access to plenty of features, from social media applications to phone calls and more.

If you do end up finding that your husband is cheating, make sure that you take a moment to take in the situation before making any decisions. While certainly not pleasant, the last thing you’d want is to end up making a rash decision that you could end up regretting.


  1. Katlynn S. says:

    My husband was late home from work a few times recently, and I started to feel suspicious. This article was extremely helpful – it provided clear steps that I could take to check what he was doing. Thankfully, my suspicions were unfounded, and everything turned out alright in the end.

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