8 Apps to Catch Your Boyfriend Cheating – Find Out the Truth

Statistics from a Health Testing Center survey revealed that 46.1% of people had cheated on someone in their lifetime. Of those, 22.1% had never admitted it to their partner. When people did admit to cheating, almost half owned up within the first week. So, the chances are, the large majority of people who are cheated on don’t find out.

When you get into a relationship, you make a commitment to be loyal to that person. However, there are some people who are disloyal and who don’t stay faithful. When you have doubts about a partner or when you’ve been cheated on in the past, you sometimes have an overwhelming desire to know the truth.

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This is where modern technology comes in. There have been some great advances in what technology can do in recent times, and it’s good news for people looking for answers about their partners. In this article, we’ll talk you through 8 apps to catch your boyfriend cheating.

Find Out If He’s Cheating With eyeZy 

eyeZy spy app

eyeZy is an excellent monitoring app that tells you how to find out if your partner is cheating online. With the eyeZy app for spying on spouse phone use, you can see messages, apps, videos, and pictures without them noticing or realizing.



eyeZy comes with features that are meant to help you find out if your spouse is cheating. Some of these cool features include:

  • View their calendar. See what your spouse has planned in terms of events by accessing his calendar. This means you can plan things to stop him from attending something you don’t want him to go to.
  • Monitor social media accounts. See who his friends are and what messages he’s sending to people.
  • Check what websites are visited. You can even block ones that you don’t approve of.
  • Track GPS coordinates. eyeZy’s GPS tracker means you can pinpoint your partner’s location and see where he’s been. 


  • Thanks to the advanced Wi-Fi analysis and GPS tracking capabilities, you will be able to track your partner’s pinpoint location on a map (provided he has his phone with him, of course).
  • There is a special feature allowing you to check their bookmarked websites.


  • If you want to track more than one device, it is much more expensive.

mSpy: App to Spy on Spouse’s Phone

mspy spy app

Another great way on how to find out if he’s cheating is mSpy. This app means it’s straightforward to monitor a phone’s activity without having it in your hand. You’ll be able to read messages, check GPS location, see call logs, and much more besides. 


A popular app that helps you spy on your boyfriend’s phone is mSpy. The following features of the application made it one of the most sought-after apps in this category:

  • See who they call and what calls they receive. Intercept calls on your partner’s phone to see who’s contacting him, as well as record all his incoming and outgoing calls using your SIM card.
  • Monitor GPS details. Find out where your boyfriend is and has been.
  • Read messages on social media apps. With it, you can read all messages sent and received on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc.


  • The live tracking feature is excellent.
  • You can encrypt and protect data.
  • The app works in the background undetected so that you won’t be found out. 


  • It can be a challenge to install the app on the phone because you need to get hold of it to do so.

3. See If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating With ClevGuard 

ClevGuard spy app

If you want to know where to look on the iPhone for cheating, ClevGuard does it for you. This is a monitoring app allowing you to track activity from a distance without being detected. You can access all of the files on the phone remotely. It’s also possible to set up a geofence so that you’re alerted when your boyfriend crosses the boundary in or out. 


​​Below is the list of features ClevGuard boasts off.

  • Track calls. Record your boyfriend’s phone calls and see who he’s been calling, the calls he’s received, and all date and time information.
  • Monitor his whereabouts. Real-time GPS tracking over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and 5G. Also, get notified when he goes into or leaves a certain area.
  • Take screenshots. It allows you to take screenshots on your partner’s phone to check what he is browsing.


  • Support for lots of languages is offered, including customer service help.
  • Using ClevGuard goes undetected so that you won’t be discovered by your cheating boyfriend.


  • The iOS version of ClevGuard doesn’t have remote control features.
  • You can only monitor a single device.
  • Does not offer remote control features in the iOS version.

4. Spy on Boyfriends Phone With FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY spy app

It’s easy to see why some people say FlexiSPY is the best app for spying on spouse dalliances. Unlike other apps, this tracking software also allows you to check their computer as well as their phone. With FlexiSPY, you can also have an app on your phone, allowing you to view their devices with ease. So, if your partner is using a desktop for his cheating communications, you won’t miss what he’s doing. 


FlexiSPY has multiple features specially designed for dissatisfied spouses. Their ‘Cheating’ category is packed with features that will show you what your partner is doing behind your back. These include:

  • Monitor texts and calls. You are able to monitor text messages sent and received on the target phone. You can also look through your partner’s call log, including their GPS location.
  • Track social media. With this feature, you are able to monitor your partner’s Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and WhatsApp messages.
  • View photos and videos. If you have any doubt about the fidelity of your partner, FlexiSPY allows you to spy on photos and videos they have saved in their phone’s gallery.


  • Should you wish, you can prevent this app from being uninstalled, which means your target won’t be able to get rid of it.
  • You get dashboard alerts in real-time.
  • Hassle-free installation offered remotely.
  • You can track when they log on or off different apps.
  • It’s possible to send commands remotely from the internet to the device.


  • You will need to jailbreak or root the target device before being able to use FlexiSPY. 

5. Catch a Cheater With XNSPY

XNSPY spy app

If you want to know how to see if your boyfriend is cheating, you can use XNSPY. This app is among the safest apps for monitoring smartphones and tablets. This works by checking contact lists and call logs so you know who your partner has been getting in touch with behind your back. 


XNSPY comes with a wide range of features that make it the best app for spying on a boyfriend. Below are some of the features that make XNSPY stand out above all others.

  • Track messages and emails. XNSPY enables you to read all the messages and emails that come from your partner’s smartphone.
  • View calls made on boyfriend’s phone. This app lets you know who your boyfriend has had phone conversations with.
  • Monitor social media. You will have access to all the social networks that are being used by your boyfriend on his phone, including WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.


  • There is a keylogger feature that will show you what your partner is typing into his device and what he is searching for.
  • You can see the places that your partner has been to recently.
  • There is a great after-sales service as well as fantastic support. 


  • You can’t use the live chat 24/7.
  • This is quite expensive.

6. TheSpyBubble: Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating


Another app to spy on your boyfriend’s phone messages is SpyBubble. The main idea behind this app was to provide parents with a function to view or control the online activities of their children. However, this is also an excellent app to find out if your partner is cheating. With SpyBubble, you can take a screenshot of the target phone each second and have them delivered to you. It’s a sure-fire way to catch a cheating partner.


TheSpyBubble comes with many advanced features, so you can always know what he is up to!

  • Monitor all calls and SMS exchanged with the target phone. You can easily review all the texts that are being sent back and forth between your boyfriend’s phone and other people’s phones.
  • See log call duration. You can see how long each call lasted. Great for catching cheating partners in the act of infidelity!
  • View photos were taken with a smartphone. The app shows you every photo taken by your partner’s phone whenever he is taking them!


  • You can track messages even if they have been deleted.
  • The app is automatically updated on the target phone, so you don’t need access to it to do updates.
  • SpyBubble will track in real-time, with updates every 5 minutes.
  • All digital footprints are visible.
  • Contact list changes are detected. 


  • You can’t store calendar information or videos.
  • There is no keyword alert feature. 

7. Spy on Cheaters With Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch spy app

Here’s another way on how to catch a cheater on Android. Hoverwatch tracks calls, SMS, and social media messages on your boyfriend’s phone. This is an invisible app, so your partner won’t know it’s there. You’ll be able to see all information sent and received by the target phone. 


Below is a list of the main features Hoverwatch offers:

  • Monitor calls and SMS. Get notifications when the target phone contacts specific numbers or receives messages from them. You can also read all text messages sent and received by your boyfriend’s phone remotely from any device that has Internet access.
  • Track location. See where your man is at every moment, including his route for the past seven days with detailed information about each day. This feature lets you find out if he’s been going somewhere suspicious, such as meeting another woman or going to a strip club.
  • Monitor social media. Hoverwatch monitors Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Snapchat, Skype, etc.


  • Hoverwatch is an Android tracker that can access all apps on the target device.
  • There is a free trial.
  • There is a great tracking feature.
  • You can still track the device, even if the SIM card is removed, and you’ll be notified if this happens.


  • You’ll need to access the target phone to install the app.
  • Some features only work with rooted phones. 

8. uMobix: Bust a Cheater App 

uMobix spy app

The final app to spy on your spouse’s phone is uMobix. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS. It can help track telephone calls, location, social media chats, activity on web messengers, and more. You can even use it to capture a screenshot whenever you want on the target phone. 


Below are useful features of uMobix:

  • View photos. Every photo taken by his phone is uploaded wirelessly to your account on a secure server for fast viewing anytime from anywhere. Never wait days for him to send you a picture – it’s done automatically!
  • See blocked calls. This feature allows you to see all the phone numbers that your spouse blocked on their phone, as well as exactly when they were blocked. You can even look at a detailed history of every number that’s been blocked – right down to the date and time of each call.
  • Detect deleted text messages. It lets you see every message ever sent or received on his cell phone, including those that have been deleted from the device itself. If your man tries to cover his tracks by deleting incriminating texts from one of his messaging apps, all of them will appear for you right away, so he has no place left to hide.


  • Allows you to monitor all SMS received, deleted, and sent.
  • You can get contact information and time stamps.
  • See all outgoing and incoming call logs.
  • Real-time accurate location and their history of places visited.


  • The basic plan has limited features.
  • It’s not possible to track more than one device per plan (which is probably more of an issue for parents using this with their children). 
Best App to Catch a Cheating



What Is the Best App to Catch a Cheating Spouse?

The best app to catch a cheating spouse is eyeZy. This app allows you to see without being detected. It is reasonably priced and works on any device. There is also customer support available round the clock. 

Where to Look on the Phone for Cheating?

If you’re not planning on downloading a spy app, there are lots of places you can look on a phone to check for cheating. Be wary that they might delete things, though! Check messages, emails, call logs, and even voicemail. Also, if they have their Google location history turned on, you’ll be able to see where they’ve been.

Is It Possible to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone for Free?

Yes. Spy on boyfriend’s phone free apps exist, but they’re generally not as good as paid ones. Lots of paid apps have free trials, too, so you can try them before you buy.

Final Thoughts

So, if you’re wondering what is the best app to catch a cheating spouse, we’ve given you 8 great ones! No matter your reasons for suspecting your partner, we hope that an app gives you the peace of mind or the answers that you need to progress in (or end) your relationship.


  1. Krystel Graham says:

    This is a great article about the apps that can help you catch your boyfriend cheating. It provides helpful information on the pros and cons of each app, as well as tips on how to use them effectively. This is invaluable advice for anyone who suspects their partner may be unfaithful, so thank you for sharing it!

  2. Nancy A. says:

    Can TheSpyBubble track messages that have been deleted long before installing the app?

    1. Riley Donna says:

      Unfortunately, no. TheSpyBubble can track deleted messages only after it’s been installed on the device.

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