‘Recreating happiness is as simple as lighting four candles’

One of the best perks of writing a book about happiness in midlife in beyond is hearing how people live the patterns which researchers are documenting in data. A wonderful sample is this little photo essay, “Recreating Happiness” by my friend Myles. Now in his late fifties, having fulfilled his responsibilities as a parent and caregiver, he recently moved with his wife from the DC suburbs to the countryside of Virginia. “Our acre hilltop opens up to a full sky of bright sun and twinkling stars,” writes Myles.

With lovely photos and sweet, simple storytelling, Myles captures some of the changes which make gratitude and satisfaction easier to come by (other things being equal) in later adulthood. He has simplified his life. Focused his job on what he does best and cares most about. Brought his lifestyle into better harmony with his values. Deepened his appreciation of simple things and just being on the planet. I enjoyed this and wanted to share it.

“At the end of a year, recreating happiness is as simple as lighting four candles for the holidays, taking the time to watch twirling wooden angels, listening to twinkling glass bells . . .”

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