The Times (London) 

“This absorbing book encourages moody midlifers to believe that things will get better. And he makes a good case that they will. Life begins at 50. That’s what I’m taking away from this book anyway.”

Columbus Dispatch 

“.. elegantly lucid and nuanced.”

Inside Higher Ed 

“I wish I had known about the research behind The Happiness Curve long ago, as it would have prepared me for the last few years. … The Happiness Curve should be given to everyone on their 40th birthday. Required reading.”

The Lady Magazine, U.K. 

“Fascinating… powerful and uplifting… The Happiness Curve is filled with useful, interesting facts and shows us how to steer through the different stages of life”

Washington Post 

“In a youth-obsessed culture, it may be difficult to convince some that life gets better after 50. But by supplanting dated cliches with compelling scholarship, Rauch offers a fresh and reassuring vision of aging that supersedes superficial fixations.”

Booklist Online 

“Psychologists agree that the midlife crisis is a myth. But why are so many middle-aged people so dissatisfied with their lives? Sifting through happiness studies and conducting his own interviews and surveys, Rauch discovers a pattern. …  This thoughtful study is sure to find an audience.”

Kirkus Reviews 

“This uplifting report offers hope and encouragement for aging readers doubting the longevity of bliss. Stimulating reading for those seeking enlightenment and joyfulness throughout middle age.”

Publishers Weekly 

“[An] inspired take on midlife crises … the many interviews with survey participants … will provide the most reassurance to readers.”


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