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“Are you happy?”

If you’re like most adults, your answer will probably depend on when you’re asked this question. Have you just spent time with people you enjoy? Are you sitting in traffic or coming down with another cold? Is the sun shining on a midwinter day?

BienStar Yold

Según la teoría de la Curva de la Felicidad, la época de los 50 años puede ser también la más plena y feliz de una vida. El estadounidense Jonathan Rauch ha escrito un libro analizando esta teoría y los estudios que la avalan. Hoy nos lo explica todo en Gente Yold.

Well and Good

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How to avoid the ‘midlife slump’ and make your 40s a much happier decade…  Read more…

International Coach Federation
Here’s the weirdest thing I discovered researching The Happiness Curve: midlife malaise can be, and often is, literally about nothing. It’s often a self-propelled cycle of disappointment and self-deprecation. But being about nothing doesn’t make it a whit less real. How to fight back, in this blog post…  Read more…

The Globe and Mail
It’s strange and kind of sad that the compliment of choice nowadays is “smart.” Why not “wise”? Wisdom is more precious than intelligence, and recent science proves it. .  Read more…
You rarely hear about anybody enthusiastically anticipating hitting late middle age and beyond. Midlife is so deeply synonymous with nonspecific irrelevance — especially for women — that entire industries describe a demographic as being “over fifty,” as if the second part of life was one big swan dive off a cliff.  Read more…

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A chat with Marci Alboher, a Vice President of, who is “a hard-wired optimist at 51 and not too worried about getting older, I found myself feeling surprisingly hopeful that good times lie ahead after reading The Happiness Curve … Read more…

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The central insight of the book is a recent scientific discovery: for happiness, time matters—but not in the way you probably think .. Read more…

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The midlife doldrums are a social crisis. Now there’s momentum for some radical fixes. Read more…

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The article that made the happiness curve famous: The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis

America Trends podcast


‘The Happiness Curve’, we examine a worldwide trend and its implications for America’s aging population.

The Measure of Everyday Life podcast

Popular culture in many countries forecasts a lull in happiness among middle-aged adults. What does social science tell us about happiness, satisfaction, and aging, though? The answers might surprise you. They surprised award-winning author Jonathan Rauch enough that he wrote a book about the data. On this episode, we talk with Rauch about The Happiness Curve.

The One You Feed podcast

Episode 263: Jonathan Rauch

See what you think about the trends of happiness in your life compared to the tendency he describes in his book and this interview.

Midlife podcast

Ep 46 “Happiness Curve” author Jonathan Rauch

“Transition to contentment”: Jonathan Rauch on the scientific reasons life gets better after fifty, why the midlife slump is a normal and necessary, and how it’s a “we” not a “me” problem. Plus, Nancy’s excited to make like a Grandma Orca. podcast

Ep 7: Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Discover how life only gets better after age 50, even for us sagging femsplainers! List to Christina & Danielle’s uplifting discussion with Jonathan Rauch, author of “The Happiness Curve.”

Career Pivot podcast

Episode 78 – Against popular wisdom, your best or most satisfying days are ahead of you. Jonathan Rauch delves into the science and the data of happiness, in this discussion. podcast

In a country that fetishizes youth, writing a book subtitled Why Life Gets Better After 50 is practically an act of revolution.

But that’s exactly what the Jonathan Rauch has done

Podcast with the Federalist 

Rauch shares his research on the feeling of malaise and dissatisfaction that many adults feel in their 40’s. He explains how this slump is a natural and essential part of a human’s life, but also how said human can find a path a through it.