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Midlife malaise is everywhere. And the pain is real.

Is the happiness curve everywhere? How big are its implications? Important new research by David Blanchflower, an economist at Dartmouth and pioneering researcher on wellbeing, suggests the answers are yes and quite. The happiness curve is the tendency for life satisfaction to dip in midlife, a pattern which has been found in people around the […]

‘Just knowing this is normal is a relief’

I can’t resist sharing this email from Caroline M. Partly because it is a nice compliment. What author could resist? Mostly, though, because it illustrates one of my book’s most important messages: knowledge is power. If you or someone close to you experiences a midlife emotional slump, you can take steps to alleviate it (see […]

Now in paperback — and in Japanese!

As many books as I have published, I still feel a flush of pride and privilege when a new edition comes out. So it is with great pleasure that I can announce two new editions. One is in Japanese, to be published on June 15 by CCC Media House. I met Kaoru Kobayashi, the editor, […]